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China Comfort Xi’an International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is a branch of China Comfort Xi’an International Travel Service Co., Ltd. It is mainly responsible for attracting tourists and providing consultation and publicity services.

China Comfort Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCT") was founded in 1984, with its headquarter based in Beijing. It is a national travel agency for franchising Chinese citizens’outbound tourism and a tour for Mainland residents to Taiwan. It is also the vice president unit of China Travel Agency Association.

After more than 30 years, CCT has already been developed to be one of the major key travel agencies in China. CCT’s businesses cover a full range of outbound tour, inbound tour, domestic tour, Taiwan tour, cruise tour, visas, air tickets agent, customized tour, business trip services, and exhibition business. It is one of the comprehensive tourism service operators in China and one of the most popular tourism enterprises in China.

CCT has more than 300 subsidiaries and branches, more than 3,000 stores across the whole country, with an annual operating income of more than 10 billion. With continuously improvement and development, CCT has established a good brand image in the eyes of consumers.

China Comfort Xi’an International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is the sole holding company of China Comfort Tourism Group Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi. Since its establishment in 1988, "high-quality service, high-quality employees, and high-level tourism" have been the business tenet of "China Comfort Xi’an International Travel Service Co., Ltd.". "Reassuring partners and satisfying tourists" is "China Comfort Xi’an International Travel Service Co., Ltd.’s business philosophy. With the support of all colleagues and travel consumers, "Comfort tourism, unique scenery" has taken root in people's minds.

China Comfort Xi’an International Travel Agency is mainly divided into the following departments: e-commerce department, European department, outbound department, domestic department, reception department, finance department, office and more than 60 departments and stores and branches. Registered personnel: more than 300 people, with multilingual tour guides: Japanese, German, English, Italian, Russian, Cantonese and other multilingual tour guides and more than 150 outstanding Mandarin tour guides, and more than 100 signed tour guides.

In terms of conference reception, the company has professional conference planners, strong reception capabilities and experience, and has successfully provided successful conference planning experience for many large and medium-sized domestic enterprises, and has received many domestic and international large-scale conferences.